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Wayne Michael DeHart  (April 9, 2017)

” . . . much like an old, dust-covered book, waiting patiently to be rescued, its words to be touched.” ¹  (formerly

Clicking on “The Intellection Collection” category at the top of this page will open up “preview boxes” and URL links for each title listed below. 

The offerings are diverse and eclectic in nature. There is no central theme, viewpoint or commonality of purpose. There is a mix of poetry (many of the poems are of a storytelling nature), stories that are fact-based fiction, and others that were created completely out of whole cloth. There is sincere, heartfelt emotion and there is humor that ranges from light to dark. There is an abundance of witty, whimsical, unbridled wordplay and even an occasional slice of wisdom.

(Be forewarned that some entries include material that may be described as suggestive, indelicate, titillating, bawdy, ribald, or risqué – but without crossing the proverbial line and always presented with humor and literary purpose, hopefully while inducing knowing nods, giggles, grins, groans, or guttural guffaws.)  

What won’t be found here is a political or polemic agenda in any form.

  • Note:  All links may be shared freely via social media sites, e-mail or any other electronic medium. All content may be published, printed, distributed, or quoted, in whole or in part, without specific consent or permission. Said authorizations require only acknowledgment that Wayne Michael DeHart is the author and is the true and original reference source. (Including the website name facilitates simple and  straightforward verification of the original documents in their entirety, should any content be subsequently presented out of context by any person at any time for any reason.)

1)  “Words You Can Touch – Can Touch You Back”  – April 9, 2017  (Musings)
This very first post addresses the original name of this website. ¹

2)  “Past / Passed in the Night: Next of Kin” July 18, 2017   (Poetry)

3)  “The Fire in Jimmy Louis”July 20, 2017   (Poetry)

4)  “Annie’s Time”August 6, 2017   (Fiction)

5)  “view from a hole”  – August 21, 2017    (Poetry)

6)  “Maybe Just One Thing” – August 22, 2017  (Musings)

7)  “The Gray Two-Story Across From the Park”  –  August 28, 2017  (Poetry)

8)  “ired, I Said”.September 15, 2017  (Poetry)

9)  “A Day at the Dam, Summer, 2017, Franklin, New Hampshire”January 31, 2018  (Musings)

10) “Eventide on the Granite Coast” March 27, 2018  (Poetry)

11) “The Bumper-to-Bumper Blues”  April 19, 2018  (Poetry)

12) “And Here’s to the Dawn of Their Days …”    – June 25, 2018  (Musings)

13) “Rest-cue: Sense the Silence”  –  July 20, 2018   (Poetic Image)

14) “A Kiss at Fifteen”  – March 16, 2019  (Fiction)
This story was published in the October, 1997, Mensa Bulletin magazine.

15) “The Thread on Her Head”  –  April 1, 2019  (Fiction)

16) “In Remembrance – A Reassurance”   –  July 10, 2019  (Musings)

17) “Lew Louis in Apt. 12”  –  August 11, 2019  (Fiction)

18) “Ode to the Widow Franklin”  –  February 23, 2020  (Poetry)

19) “The Old Man at the Grocery Store”  –   April 24, 2020  (Musings/Fiction)

20) “In Search of Found”   –  June 6, 2020  (Musings)

21) “In Gnames  and Ledgens”   –  August 28, 2020  (Fiction)

22) “Colonial Matinee: Concession Confession”   –  September 7, 2020  (Fiction)

23) “March 15th at Mary’s Motel”  –  February 26, 2021  (Fiction)

24) “The Kids of St. John’s”  –  March 7, 2021  (Poetry)

25) “How Being Left in Right Feels”  – March 23, 2021  (Fiction)

26) “A Long Time After the Echoes End”  –  April 25, 2021  (Musings)

27) “Five First Encounters  (1972-2002)”  –  June 12, 2021  (Blend)

28) “The Tory Story”  – June 24, 2021  (Fiction)

29) “Said the Lad to the Lady” –  June 27, 2021  (Poetry)

30) “The Untimely Loss of Lisa Girl”   –  July 17, 2021  (Fiction)

31) “Safe in Our Homes . . .”    –   September 1, 2021  (Poetry)
Poem written for 20th anniversary observance of 9/11.
One of five finalists, CAVARTS (Challenge America, Veterans Arts) competition.

32) “The Marshmallow Kid”  –  January 5, 2022  (Fiction)

33) “A Bit Bizarre”  –  January 13, 2022  (Poetry)

34) “Mae King, Out at The Kabb Inn”  –  January 29, 2022  (Fiction)
This is a direct url link to the story in Mensa Bulletin magazine, January, 2022.
It is a shorter version of “Mae King . . .”, edited down to meet publication requirements.
The longer, unedited version will appear on this website separately, at a later date.


35) “Incoming”  –  February 22, 2022  (Poetry/Personal)

36) “Minnie Smart’s Mini-Mart”  –  July 5, 2022  (Poetry)

37) “Mae King, Out at The Kabb Inn”  –  July 14, 2022  (Fiction)
This is the full-length, unexpurgated original version, with extensive Writer’s Notes.

38) “Lincoln Laine of Lincoln, Maine”  –  August 5, 2022  (Fiction)

39) “Dealing With InnSecurity”  –  September 6, 2022  (Fiction)

40) “October 7th, Lisbon, Maine”  –  October 28, 2022  (Fiction)

41) “Billy Ray King Takes a Wife”  –  November 27, 2022  (Poetry)

42) “Three Times Sadness”  –  December 27, 2022  (Non-Fiction/Personal)

43) “WordSleeves”  –  January 31, 2023 (15 prompt poems)

44) “Write On Sight . . . In M-eye Words”  –  February 12, 2023  (Words/Images)


Other Website Pages:

“The Intellection Collection”
This is the same list of titles listed above, but in descending chronological order, so that the reader can start with the latest post and work backward to the point where they last left off. It is a quick way for regular readers to determine if there are any new posts to read. Content Previews for each entry are now included to guide visitors to topics of interest.

“About the Writer”
Just a bit of information about, you guessed it, the writer and his five identities!

“About Writer’s Notes”
These are comments, insights, observations and clarifications offered by the writer at the end of a post. (On one post, they came at the beginning out of necessity.)

“Rules of the Road”
This describes the policies, principles and standards applied to all material in this website.


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