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Wayne Michael DeHart, NH Nam Vet, Thinker #153 and Sunlit Knight are equal,  collaborating contributors to the creative content presented in this website – each in his own way.

Seasoned observers taking their rest from lifetimes of peaks and valleys, victories and defeats, laughter and tears, they now ponder fantasy and freedom, fortitude and forgiveness, faith and fate.

They consume chocolate by the pound, rekindle their dreams and write what seems right. No boos aloud and no booze allowed during writin’ time keeps the peace, the prosperity and the perspective intact.

They are, of course, one and the same – combining their self-realized identities in this endeavor of therapeutic theater and thoughtful themes.

They, we, I offer special thanks to a walking, breathing, empowering gift  of understanding and kindness – “C.R” –  at the Veterans Administration in NH (now in TX). Held in the highest esteem, to be recognized, respected and remembered till the lights are turned off and the door is gently closed.

Contact at:
(603) 556-7127

DSCN0118 (2)

July, 1953 – “The Marshmallow Kid”, in the front yard of the “Gray Two-Story Across From the Park”


NH Nam Vet – 1970-1971 – “Sandbaggin’ “, figuratively (above), then literally !

Wayne Michael DeHart – November, 2021 – Age 73 (“Did someone say “chocolate?”.)



7 thoughts on “About the Writer

  1. Hi Wayne,
    Sorrry I haven’t responded to your email that you sent me. I’ve started about three reply’s already but have been interrupted. No excuse, but I didn’t want you to think I was ignoring it. I will reply back after Tuesday. Take care,
    Courtney R.


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