About Writer’s Notes



Wayne Michael DeHart   (June, 2021)

This component was added in early 2021, four years after the website was created. It’s pretty much self-explanatory, and is not unlike what one may find in a “Director’s Cut”, or other enhanced edition of a movie on DVD. Placed at the end of selected posts, as needed or desired, these will simply provide additional background, information or reference support, some of a personal nature, that the reader may find informative or simply of interest after reading the story or poem. Thus the reader may choose to read them, or choose to bypass them in the belief that the writing should stand on its own. The intent is to supplement the writing, not interpret it. Over time, there will be Writer’s Notes added to some of the pieces posted prior to the inception of this feature.

There may be times when an additional Note is added based upon specific inquiries or observations passed on to me by readers. If something is not clear or seems to be contradictory to one reader, then I will weigh the possibility, or even the likelihood, that others may share their experience, indicating that an explanatory or corrective Note may be warranted. Further, if I determine that an edit would better serve the purpose of a story or poem, then that will be my course of action – one of the upsides of a fluid manner of presentation such as a website, though I will always prefer bound paper pages with a spine and binding and a front and back cover – words you can touch. – WMD


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