Rules of the Road


Wayne Michael DeHart

* This website was created in April of 2017 as a therapeutic venue simply to share the writer’s creative output – fiction, prose, prose poetry, poetry and visual images – old and new, from years past and years present. It is an eclectic mix of diverse original material that varies widely in style, format and presentation.

* Any content that may be even remotely perceived as an expression of political persuasion, opinion or commentary is inadvertently so, and thus should be considered benign in nature. There is no “agenda” or recurring theme. By remaining apolitical, it invites all to the table.

* Should anyone wish to submit comments of any kind regarding any particular submission or about this website in general, they are invited to do so by sending same to Wayne Michael DeHart at Whether positive, neutral or negative in content and/or tone, each will be acknowledged with a personal response.

* This website generates zero financial gain of any kind to the writer or anyone associated with, or known to, the writer. There is no paid or unpaid advertising, no funding or solicitation of funds, and no direct or indirect fundraising associated with the website. In the unlikely event anything of monetary value is offered to the writer for the content, it would not be accepted.  The privilege of one’s words being read or referenced by others serves as the ultimate compensation.

* As is stated on the main page, any person, group or entity may use or reproduce any content herein without specific permission of the writer, even if such use is for their monetary gain, as long as four conditions are met: (1) quotes are attributable to Wayne Michael DeHart, (2) is referenced as the source of the material, (3) excerpts are not taken out of context to distort their original meaning/intent and (4) such use is not associated with politics, obscenity, bigotry, discrimination of any kind toward any person or group, or in association or conjunction with any other violent, malevolent, malicious or defamatory material.

Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctum … but never lose sight of the way back home.



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