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“Dealing With InnSecurity”  –  September 6, 2022  (Fiction)

“Lincoln Laine of Lincoln, Maine”  –  August 5, 2022  (Fiction)

Lincoln Laine of Lincoln, Maine

“Mae King, Out at The Kabb Inn”  –  July 14, 2022   (Fiction)
The zany full-length version, with extensive “rest-of-the-story” Writer’s Notes.

Mae King, Out at The Kabb Inn

“Minnie Smart’s Mini-Mart”  –  July 5, 2022   (Poetry)

Minnie Smart’s Mini-Mart

“Incoming”  –  February 22, 2022   (Poetry/Personal)


“Mae King, Out at The Kabb Inn” Mensa Bulletin magazine, January, 2022
Edited-down version to meet space limitations. Direct link to story in magazine:

“A Bit Bizarre”January 13, 2022   (Poetry)

A Bit Bizarre

“The Marshmallow Kid”  –  January 5, 2022   (Fiction)

The Marshmallow Kid

“Safe in Our Homes”  –  September 1, 2021   (Poetry)

Safe in our homes . . .

“The Untimely Loss of Lisa Girl”  –  July 17, 2021   (Fiction)

The Untimely Loss of Lisa Girl

“Said the Lad to the Lady”  –  June 27, 2021   (Poetry)

Said the Lad to the Lady

“The Tory Story”  – June 24, 2021   (Fiction)

The Tory Story

“Five First Encounters  (1972-2002)”  –  June 12, 2021   (Medley)

Five First Encounters (1972-2002)

“A Long Time After the Echoes End”  –  April 25, 2021   (Musings)

A Long Time After the Echoes End

“How Being Left in Right Feels”  – March 23, 2021   (Fiction)

How Being Left in Right Feels

“The Kids of St. John’s”  –  March 7, 2021   (Poetry)

The Kids of St. John’s

“March 15th at Mary’s Motel”  –  February 26, 2021   (Fiction)

March 15th at Mary’s Motel

“Colonial Matinee: Concession Confession”   –  September 7, 2020   (Fiction)

Colonial Matinee: Concession Confession

“In Gnames  and Ledgens”  –  August 28, 2020   (Fiction)

In Gnames and Ledgens

“In Search of Found”   –  June 6, 2020   (Musings)

In Search of Found

“The Old Man at the Grocery Store”  –   April 24, 2020   (Musings/Fiction)

The Old Man at the Grocery Store

“Ode to the Widow Franklin” –  February 23, 2020   (Poetry)

Ode to the Widow Franklin

“Lew Louis in Apt. 12”  –  August 11, 2019   (Fiction)

Lew Louis in Apt. 12

“In Remembrance – A Reassurance”   –  July 10, 2019   (Musings)

In Remembrance – A Reassurance

“The Thread on Her Head”  –  April 1, 2019   (Fiction)

The Thread on Her Head

“A Kiss at Fifteen”  – March 16, 2019   (Fiction)

A Kiss at Fifteen

“Rest-cue: Sense the Silence”  –  July 20, 2018   (Poetic Image)

“And Here’s to the Dawn of Their Days . . .”     – June 25, 2018 (Musings)

“And Here’s to the Dawn of their Days” … Sweet Sir Galahad, joan baez, 1969

“The Bumper-to-Bumper Blues”
April 19, 2018   (Poetry)

The Bumper-to-Bumper Blues

“Eventide on the Granite Coast”March 27, 2018   (Poetry)

Eventide on the Granite Coast

“A Day at the Dam, Summer, 2017, Franklin, New Hampshire”January 31, 2018   (Musings)

A Day at the Dam – Summer, 2017, Franklin, New Hampshire

“ired, I Said”.September 15, 2017   (Poetry)

ired, I Said.

“The Gray Two-Story Across From the Park”  –  August 28, 2017   (Poetry)

The Gray Two-Story Across From the Park

“Maybe Just One Thing”August 22, 2017   (Musings)

Maybe Just One Thing

“view from a hole”  – August 21, 2017   (Musings/Poetry)

view from a hole

“Annie’s Time”August 6, 2017   (Fiction)

Annie’s Time

“The Fire in Jimmy Louis”July 20, 2017   (Poetry)

The Fire in Jimmy Louis

“Past / Passed in the Night: Next of Kin” July 18, 2017   (Poetry)

Past / Passed in the Night: Next of Kin

“Words You Can Touch – Can Touch You Back”April 9, 2017   (Musings)

Words you can touch – can touch you Back


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